The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club

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The OWCC Board works together to uphold traditions and bring you new experiences.

I joined the OWCC because I was invited by a member and found it was something I could enjoy doing.  It offers a great opportunity to meet women of all walks of life and hear about their lives.  Since then, I was honoured to be asked to join the Board of Directors.  From the first luncheon I attended donning my fascinator, enjoying High Tea and watching a fabulous fashion show to my most recent luncheon listening to the former Chief Justice, the Rt Hon. Beverley McLachlin speak in 2020, I never regretted joining the OWCC.

Murielle Goddard

Recording Secretary

A few years ago, I was looking to join a women’s group without the pressure of networking, sales, fundraising or hidden fees.  I just wanted to make new friends, enjoy a meal and learn something new.  The OWCC ticked all those boxes.  What I didn’t expect was how much I would enjoy the luncheons, how remarkable the Club’s history was and what amazing friendships I would make along the way.

Shauna Deamond


I am thankful to my mother-in-law (a former President of the OWCC) for encouraging me to join this group of ladies. Since joining, I have been blessed to have met some ladies who I can now call ‘life long friends’. The pleasure this group of diverse women brings to my life is more than I can express and the knowledge I have gained is priceless.

Tania Turpin


I joined the Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club because it is the perfect combination of a social and educational club that lunches in the magnificent Château Laurier Hotel, a national historic site. I am proud that the Club promotes Canadian studies through the scholarships it has established. I enjoy the many new friendships that I have made thanks to the OWCC

Beverly Munn

Social Secretary & Head Table Convener

Five years ago, my husband and I moved to Ottawa to be closer to our children and grandkids. Wanting to meet other women and becoming involved in this outstanding community were priorities. The OWCC was introduced to me by an enthusiastic club member and Past President.
Board participation has solidified many friendships and exposed me to club programs. A select group of speakers has enhanced my view of my Canada while enjoying the company of other women in a social setting.
Hopefully, serving on the Board has helped to preserve and extend the rich 110-year legacy of OWCC.

Carol MacKay

Vice-President and Student Chair

In the decade that I have been a member of the OWCC since my warm welcome, I have enjoyed the wonderful gatherings with the members whom I have come to know. As a Club member, Board member and former President of the Club, I have so many pleasant memories.  My special memory is the Christmas retired Staff Sergeant Garth Hampson and I played Santa by bringing a long delayed Christmas doll to Laura DesJardins, a long-time Club member and centenarian.

Kathy Schultz Boettger

Nomination Committee Chair & Past President

It’s actually difficult to pick just one best memory, each event and luncheon are unique and memorable in their own right. But if I had to pick just one, it would certainly be the 2019 April High Tea Luncheon.  The OWCC was honoured to have the British High Commissioner to Canada as our guest speaker and everyone came all decked out in their fascinators and hats including myself. High Tea at the beautiful and historic Château Laurier will always be a highlight and brings back those lovely nostalgic feelings! 

Jennifer Lorimer


As a retirement gift I was invited to an OWCC luncheon. I quickly recognized this club as a place to meet and socialize with interesting women over a wonderful meal.  The speakers equally contributed to my enjoyment of the monthly luncheons and membership within the OWCC.

Sandie Rivard

Program Chair

After attending a couple of luncheons, enjoying the food, speakers and companionship, I decided that the club was just what I needed.  As a retiree who does not get downtown often, it is interesting to take the train into the centre of Ottawa and to revel in the ambiance of the city and the Château.

Marilyn Collins

Program Assistant

The reason I joined the Canadian Club was to meet regularly with friends in a beautiful location that had nostalgic memories for me and to listen to interesting speakers that I would not otherwise have an opportunity to hear.

Madeline Bissell

Ticket Chair

I joined the OWCC because I liked the idea of going out to lunch once a month, meeting new people and hearing good speakers.  I joined the Board of the OWCC because I like to organize things and I enjoyed working with everyone.  

Marilyn Law

Dining Room Chair

I joined OWCC to meet like-minded ladies with all different backgrounds and life stories and to make new friends.  With monthly lunches it is easy to keep in touch and enjoy much needed socializing (offline). The meals at the Château are also always very yummy.  I joined the Board of Directors at first to gain life experience on a Board of Directors! It has been a lot of learning but also a lot of fun. My best memory of an event was bringing my Grandma with me for a lunch and learning about her previous ties to the club and memories at the Château.

Rachel Borzecki