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Women of the OWCC have always understood that education gives you the ability to control your life by teaching you the skills required for employment.  More than just increasing your earning potential, a good education helps make the world a better place by exploring what is right, wrong, fair, and unfair.  We hope we are helping to create better global citizens.

High School Students

A long-standing tradition since 1978

Four times a year, our very active students program, invites two remarkable young women from local high schools to our luncheons. Each student is introduced to the Club and her past success and future aspirations are presented.  As we strive to remain connected to the ever-changing community we live in, we are always struck by the variety of interests, volunteer activities and sports these high school students participate in while maintaining academic excellence.

What it Entails

Following a lunch on us, students attending our luncheons inscribe their name and a brief message in our “Students” guest book.  We also instituted a Postcard-To-Myself program, where we connect older generations to younger generations as students write a short postcard note and mail it from the hotel lobby mailbox. We hope that one day, these young women will become members of our Club.

In November 2019, we invited high school student military reservists to lunch. We will continue to invite young women from the armed forces to join our November luncheons as part of our remembrance traditions.

I received the Ottawa Women's Canadian Club Scholarship for the 2018/2019 academic year. In 2019, I travelled from Queen's University to Ottawa to attend the Club's luncheon at the Château Laurier. It was an incredible honour and an experience I won't soon forget.

Andrea Colasanti
Queen's University Student
"Thank you! Thanks again for having us! It was a lot of fun and so interesting to talk to so many people".
Immaculata High School Student
"I am honoured to have had the opportunity to attend a luncheon. It was a pleasure to meet June Lindsey... and all the other wonderful women".
St. Matthew High School Student

Our Universities


Queen's University

Queen's University is proud of "the exemplary service of the University and that of its graduates to the community and the nation and the community of nations".

University of Ottawa

Ottawa U provides "outstanding education to enrich the intellectual, economic and cultural life of Canada, helping our country play an valued role among the nations of the world".

Carleton University

Carleton is "dedicated to the advancement of learning... the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and the betterment of its community".

Post-Secondary Students

Find out how to apply

Why Our Program Exists

Since the Club’s inception, OWCC members have always been strong proponents of post-secondary education.  They understood then, as we do now, the vital role higher education and continuous learning play in contributing to one’s happiness and success in life.  As an example, the first President of the Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club; Elizabeth Smith Shortt,  was one of the first three women to earn a medical degree in Canada. 

The History of the Program

The OWCC established its first academic scholarship in 1919 at Queen’s University; the only institution that accepted women applicants in Ontario at the time.  “The donation of $4000.00 to create the scholarship was intended for Prisoners of War enlisted from, or resident in Military District #3 and the descendants or, failing these, veterans of the Great War and their descendants.”

The Program today

Our Club’s commitment to supporting post-secondary education has not ceased since 1919 and it now spans both scholarships for academic excellence and bursaries for financial need across 3 institutions.  On behalf of the OWCC, these universities currently manages just under $1 million in endowment funds that award approximately $20K annually.  Each year, the post-secondary award recipients are invited to a luncheon where they are introduced to Club members and guests.  We are proud of the Club’s personal commitment to help young people reach their full potential.

Our Scholarships

All awards – both scholarships and bursaries – are administered by Student Financial Aid offices at each institution and each has different processes.  These offices will assist with applications for awards generally and ours specifically.  For general information please see below.

University of Ottawa
University of Ottawa students Students can find all information about financial aid by accessing the Scholarships and Bursaries page.
Additional contact information is provided inside the Student Portal.
  • Chelsea Club Bursary: Upon the closing in 2010, the Chelsea Club has donated part of their assets to create this scholarship in order to financially assist University of Ottawa students in perpetuity.
  • Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club Scholarship: Created by the OWCC for a deserving full time student in an undergraduate program in Canadian or Indigenous Studies.
Carleton University
Our 4 awards offered to students attending Carleton University depends on the needs of the recipient, for more details you can contact the financial aid office.
  • Teresa E.Smith Bursary: Endowed in 2019 by the estate of Teresa Elizabeth Smith, long time member of the Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club, this bursary is provided to students in financial need entering any program of study.
  • Patricia Larmonth Bursary: Named after a cherished past president and established in 1919 to support higher education.
  • Chelsea Club Bursary: Upon the closing in 2010, the Chelsea Club has donated part of their assets to create this scholarship in order to financially assist students in perpetuity.
  • Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club Scholarship: Created by the OWCC for a  deserving third or fourth year undergraduate student in Canadian  Studies.
Queen's University
Any student interested in applying to an award at Queen’s University is encourage to make an appointment with an awards officer and find more information on the Student Awards website. 

Powered by our Members

Many of our bursaries are a result of the generous donations of our past members who believed in supporting anyone seeking post-secondary education.