The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club

Date: 30/10/2014

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Vicki Heyman – U.S. Ambassador’s Wife

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Vicki Heyman is the wife and partner of US Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman. She has 25 years experience in philanthropy and fundraising leadership complimenting her involvement in political, health, education, and arts-based community projects.

Vicki has served as the President of Kaplan Simons Family Foundation. She was a member of the Obama for America National Finance Committees and in 2011-2012 Co-Chaired the Illinois Finance Committee for the Obama for America campaign.

Dedicated to worthy causes, Vicki is on the foundation board of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and for many years was active as a member of the Facing History and Our-selves Chicago Advisory Board. She is an advisor for EMBARC, the only teacher-led organization in the US that achieves student academic success through systematic, long-term social and cultural exposure. Vicki participated in and supports private-public partnerships, the Chicago Ideas Week Co-op Board and the 606 “Leadership Council.”

Vicki began her career at Bankers Trust Company working in foreign currency sales and trading. She holds a BA from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Owen Graduate School of Management.

People, ideas, and creativity inspire Vicki. Having fun with family and friends is her greatest joy; she and her husband Bruce have four children and two beautiful granddaughters.