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Date: 20/05/2021

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Heidi Telstad: Winning the Mongol Derby in 2016

with Heidi Telstad

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Topic: Winning the Mongol Derby in 2016

Heidi Telstad, originally from Newbrook, Alberta, has now made her home in the lower mainland of Vancouver, BC.

As a child, horses were a big part of her life but eventually she moved on from the country and horses to attend university. Heidi graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor. To keep active, Heidi raced mountain bikes and made it to the professional podium coming in 3rd in the Redbull Psychosis Race in Golden, BC.

However, horses were always in the back of her mind as the ultimate lifestyle and she eventually started riding again after 20 years. It was during this time that she discovered endurance riding and quickly became a top-level rider.

Then Heidi found the perfect combination of adrenaline racing and adventure discovery – The Mongol Derby – touted as the longest and toughest ride in the world. This race required riders to ride semi-feral horses that bucked, bolted and given the opportunity attacked the riders, all the while navigating by GPS for 1000kms from the south of Mongolia to the north.

Heidi Telstad is the first and only Canadian to have won this race in 2016. Her legend continues in Mongolia as she plans to ride 3600kms from the southeast of Mongolia to the northwest over 3 months in 2022. Although this pack trip is not a race, it will encompass adventures as she discovers many of the hidden gems of Mongolia to share with others on an annual basis.

Thursday, May 20th, 2021 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm via Zoom
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