The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club


Yearly Membership

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Due to COVID-19 the OWCC has decided to waive membership fees for this year.
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To become or remain a member of the OWCC, you need to purchase a yearly membership.

Membership comes with many perks including discounted prices, the ability to attend every event, and the chance to become part of the Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club community. Become a member today and support the Club so that we can continue to offer elegant luncheons, donate to local charities, and sponsor high school students.

How Long Is My Membership in Effect?

The OWCC offers a yearly membership. You can benefit from membership discounts for a year from purchase date. Membership expiration date is displayed in your account.

Will The Membership Fee Always Be $70.00?

All fees are subject to change.

How Can I Renew My Membership?

Once your membership has expired, simply purchase it again. If you do not have an active membership, you will be prompted to purchase one, whenever you are purchasing any other product.

Why Should I Purchase A Membership

Purchasing a membership helps support the OWCC to continue to host events. You will also benefit from a discount when purchasing a trio of seasonal lunches.