The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club

Date: 20/02/2020

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The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin

Topic: My Journey Through Life and the Law

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Born in Pincher Creek, Alta, the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin has had and continues to have an extraordinary career. She has worked in many areas of the law from having her own business to being both the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, nominated her to this high court just seven months after he had appointed her to the Supreme Court of B.C. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, nominated Justice McLachlin as Chief Justice in 2000, a position she held for 17 years becoming the longest serving Chief Justice in Canadian history. In Ottawa her Honour dealt with many complex, difficult and life changing issues. Her main concern in any judgement was serving her fellow Canadians. Since her retirement she is involved in promoting access to justice at home and abroad. In the same time frame, she has authored two books, a crime novel called ‘Full Disclosure’ last year and her memoir ‘Truth Be Told’ this coming Spring.