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Leave your mark for generations to come by contributing to our many scholarship, bursary, or Club programs.

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Teresa E. Smith

Long Time Member of the OWCC

Leave your gift

What it Entails

Members like you support the Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club through membership fees and luncheons.  Members may also support the Club by choosing to leave a planned gift or ‘bequest’. 

This charitable gift that you plan for now, through your Will, is not received by the Club until later. It is a personal statement about the values you have embraced throughout your lifetime and how you choose to support the causes and organizations that mean the most to you.

Lasting Legacy

Leaving a gift to the OWCC through your Will provides a way for you to make the gift of a lifetime and create a lasting legacy.

Residual Bequest

Naming of the OWCC to receive a residual amount or a percentage of your estate.

Specific Asset

Allocation to the OWCC of a specific asset.

Specific Bequest

Naming of the OWCC to receive a specific dollar amount from your estate.

More Details

Following careful consideration of your personal and family needs, a bequest may be tailored to fit your particular circumstances and financial priorities. To ensure your wishes are honoured, this should be prepared with your lawyer or trusted advisor.

Supporting the OWCC through a bequest in your Will helps to ensure the future and sustainability of the activities we provide to our members, without diminishing your assets today.

Gifts Can Be Specifically Directed To:

  • Provide scholarships or bursaries to a local college, the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, or Queen’s University.
  • Thank our volunteer guest speakers with a token honorarium supporting the charity of their choice.
  • Offset costs and ensure luncheons and fees remain accessible to all.

Receive Advice

We recommend you discuss any gift arrangement with your professional advisor to make the best decision for your estate and financial plans. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss planning opportunities with you in confidence.

The OWCC recognizes and honours all gifts.  If you prefer not to receive public recognition of your gift, please let us know. Your privacy and right to give anonymously will be honoured.

The OWCC graciously acknowledges the following legacy members for their generous support.

Remembered Through Their Generosity

Chelsea Club

Endowed in 2010, through the generosity of The Chelsea Club, and in recognition of the Club’s 84 year of history of service to the Ottawa community.

Patricia Larmonth

Following her death on April 25, 1972, the Club decided to establish the Patricia Larmonth Memorial Bursary to be awarded annually to a student from Carleton University.

Teresa Elizabeth Smith Memorial Bursary

In April 3, 2018, Teresa E. Smith passed away at the age of 99. This bursary will assist women students at Carleton University as a lasting legacy to Teresa’s memory.