The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club

The OWCC Young Canadian Program

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Something NEW!!!!!

Since 1978, The Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club has recognized Senior high school students from the Ottawa and surrounding area high schools; invited them to our luncheons as guests with the intent of getting them familiar with the aims and objectives of the OWCC and Canadian issues… all with great success when able to get responses from high school personnel. Times have changed! We are now introducing a new OWCC Young Canadian Program for our members.

Do you, as a member of the OWCC, have a grand-daughter, daughter, niece, cousin, next-door neighbour, an acquaintance or friend who is between the ages of 15-19 yrs. (high school, early college or university level) who would be interested and deserving of attending an OWCC luncheon as our guest along with a friend of hers? She and her friend would be seated at the head table along with her club member chaperone and be honoured. She and her friend must be between the ages of 15-19 yrs. Lunch will be provided (complimentary) by the OWCC to the two students as they are our guests.

The Member who has students that qualify for this, MUST apply to the OWCC Student Chair for this priviledge. This OWCC Young Canadian Program will be granted four times per season…October, November, April, and May. Submit your name, the students’ name(s), their ages (15-19 yrs.) and school name as well as which month they are available, to the OWCC Student Chair through the OWCC President. Selection for the student and her friend will be made on a first come, first served basis.