The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club

Thank You Rowena!!!!!

Do you know the history of the Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club?…a little…a lot…or nothing??? If you have a copy of The OWCC History book written by Rowena Cooper, you can catch up on the past 110 years. It proves a most interesting read, catching you up on the Ottawa past and the involvement of the OWCC. Being a newcomer to Ottawa, I found this most interesting, informative, and fascinating.

Who do we have to thank for this…none other than our own Rowena Cooper, Club Archivist. Imagine the time and effort it must have taken to research and compile all this knowledge into a book.

Merci! Thank you! Meegwetch! Gratias! Kiitos! Danke! Obrigado! Grazie!

Thank you for all your work, effort and determination in preserving the OWCC history and helping continue its legacy. Good luck and continued success in all your endeavours as you step away from the Archivist position.

Your OWCC Board,
Kathy, Carol, Rachel, Murielle, Marilyn C., Tania, Jennifer, Amber, Madeline, Marilyn L., Catherine, Beverly, and all the OWCC members