The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club

The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club

presents current issues
and celebrates Canadian history and culture.

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 Our mission is to foster an interest in all matters of public concern to strengthen Canadian unity and to preserve & promote Canadian heritage and history.


A belief in the role higher education can play in leading happy, successful lives, is the impetus for maintaining scholarship programs for those in need.


The power of friendship is something the OWCC has witnessed throughout its existence. We aim to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Years in Existence

President’s Message Spring 2024

Welcome Spring!!! Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. The days are brighter and longer. Time has moved forward… so has the Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club. As in the past, the OWCC continues to envision a vibrant community where women come together to foster a culture of continuous learning, meaningful connections, and unwavering support for post-secondary education. 

Our vision is to create an inclusive and empowering space where women of all backgrounds inspire one another to pursue knowledge, engage in lifelong learning, and champion the pursuit of higher education. Through a commitment to educational excellence, meaningful networking, and dedicated support systems, we aim to be the catalyst for personal and professional growth, ensuring that every woman in our community has the resources and encouragement needed to thrive in their academic journey and beyond. Together we aspire to build a foundation that not only advances individual aspirations but contributes to the collective empowerment of women, creating a positive ripple effect that resonates across generations and strengthens the fabric of our community.

So in moving forward with all the OWCC members in mind, let us continue to grow, enrich our lives, think outside the box, and make our mark in the community, our province, and our country.

THINK SPRING! Life and your OWCC coming into bloom! 

Carol MacKay
Your President

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Kind words from our members.

I could write a book on Canadian Club regarding the importance it has been in my life which in just two months‘ time  will reach 100 years. [ … ]

I have felt my life benefitted from my lengthy association with Canadian Club and friendships that began back in the fifties are still continuing and greatly treasured.

Val Willis - Loyal Member for 70+ years (1920 - 2021)

Capturing Special Moments with the OWCC

Step back in time and relive a year of cherished moments with the Ottawa Women’s Canadian Club. Our photo collage encapsulates a year of inspiring events and shared experiences.

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